About TSSC

Since our incorporation in 1985, the Telluride Ski and Snowboard Club has been one of the most cherished assets our community has to offer, and we touch the lives of more children than any other organization in the region. Our current enrollment is over 300 local and regional children.

TSSC is a competitive ski club.


We offer opportunities for children of all ages, in our region to pursue their winter sports passion in numerous ski and snowboard disciplines including: Alpine, Freestyle, Snowboard, Freeride, Big Mountain, Cross-Country, Snowboard and Telemark and we’ve recently added Figure Skating to our program offerings! We work with youth starting at the age of 5 years old to inspire and mentor them in the winter sport of their choice-It is the mutual goal of all our directors and coaches to instill a love of winter sports and to share the joy that participating in these healthy and rewarding activities can bring. Kids in all disciplines are encouraged and taught to learn how to ski the entire mountain with ease. As they mature and progress they are offered opportunities to specialize in a discipline and to take that discipline to a competitive level; from local, regional, national and ultimately international and World Cup level competition, if this is their desire. We are proud of our accomplishments as a Club-we have inspired thousands of youth, over the years, to love winter sports and we have led numerous athletes to high levels of success.


REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN. Minimum of two years Ski School experience is a required prerequisite to joining! Athletes must be able to ski all the blue runs on the mountain confidently in parallel turns (for team gravity) and all the black runs on the mountain aggressively for all other programs. Once athletes have basic skiing skills we coach them in a competitive environment in the discipline of their choice beginning in 4th Grade. 3rd Grade is a transition year, although the athlete will remain in our Gravity program during 3rd grade, coaching becomes more focused toward the discipline the young athletes are leaning toward.


TSSC is a 501(c)3 #84-1152879

Mission, Beliefs & Goals

Beliefs: We believe that coaching children in the unique and competitive world of skiing and snowboarding fosters individuality, freedom and growth of character and self esteem. The mountains provide a challenging and inspiring environment. Teamwork promotes camaraderie, a sense of responsibility, community and respect.

Mission: Our Mission is to instill and nurture a passion for all snow sports along with developing character, discipline and desire, which encourages young athletes to reach their highest potential.

Goals: We provide coaching, training venues and competition opportunities that allow young athletes to achieve their full potential and to embrace the Club’s culture of building lifelong confidence, character and integrity while fostering camaraderie and discipline.

Personal responsibility.  Includes: Dedication, attendance, effort, attentiveness, behavior, respect, personal goal setting.

Giving Back.  Includes: Ambassadors for TSSC, the resort, and the sport. Sportsmanship, being a good teammate, role models for younger athletes.

Keeping athletes in winter sports through High School and beyond. Includes: Promoting a healthy, active, positive lifestyle. Love of sport, love of the outdoors and attention to nutrition, fitness and developing happy and successful young adults.

Winning. Includes: Results, success at achieving goals. Mastery definition of winning not outdated scoreboard definition. Winning means different things to different athletes, could be improvement, fun, qualifying for championship events, selection to regional teams, FIS competition, Nor Ams, NTG groups, US Ski Team.

TSSC Philosophical Matrix