All Mountain Season Info!

2018/2019 All Mountain/Freeride Team

Telluride Ski and Snowboard Club



Ryan Van Nuys, Program director/Head Coach

Colby Adams, Assistant head coach

Scotty McBrayer Returning Comp Coach

Connor Pelton, Part Time Comp Coach, Freeride world tour vet

Orion Willets, Part Time Comp Coach, TSSC Alumni

Heather Knox, Returning All Mountain Coach

Patti Duax Returning All Mountain Coach

Tyler Simmons Returning All Mountain Coach

Duncan Adams Early season guest coach



We are a competitive Freeride/Big Mountain group, concentrating on the International Freeskier and Snowboarder Association(IFSA) events.  While Comps are not required, they are encouraged.   You can compete locally, nationally and internationally. There is a U12 Rocky Mountain series feeding a Junior Rocky Mountain series.  Nationally you can compete in IFSA junior national events, potentially qualifying for North American Champs, or the Junior World Champs, held in Kappl Austria this year.  The pinnacle of Competitive Freeride skiing in the World is the invitation only, Freeride World Tour.  The top 3 men and top female from all of north America qualify.


Athletes will need an IFSA competitors license


Athletes may compete in 3 national events, and 3 regional events.  There is in invite only North American Championship event at the end of the season where the top 180 or so athletes compete.


Check out the All Mountain Calendar at www.ttsc.orgfor recommended comps.  Is anyone interested in a national travel comp at Crystal Mountain Washington?


Registrations start up shortly and it is very important to be punctual with registration to get your starts. I know the National series starts registrations December 2nd, with a few different rounds of signups.  We have 3 or 4 guaranteed spots for a few of the nationals I know we will attend, beyond that its open registration.


www.rockymountainfreerideseries.comand www.freeskiers.orgare your two websites to check for info





Groups will be decided after a brief survey in the coming weeks.  All groups are Co-Ed and will have a primary coach for the year.   That being said, we fully believe in a “family” feel to the team and will certainly make sure all athletes and coaches have time to ski with others on the team.  Older athletes acting as mentors to younger athletes is a great tool we believe in.


Our average Saturday will start at 9:30 am at Upper Clubhouse on top of Coonskin ready to ski. A well prepared freeride skier should have a pack with extra layers, goggles, snacks, water, Sun screen etc with them. If it seems like hiking something up high might be in order, a smaller pack with ski carrying capabilities would be very nice to have.  The day concludes at 3:00pm, with athletes departing the club house on their own. Before the first day of the season, please make sure to check binding settings, ski tune condition etc.


Communication this year will be primarily through the new Ski Club News Site.  The address is  Our weekly updates will be done by mid day Thursday each week  I will occasionally send group wide emails when time is of the essence, or when I need smaller  group communications.  This will be especially important during comp sign up season.


Who is interested in taking a AIARE Avalanche level 1 class with other team members?


Who all is interested in Saturday dry land trainings for the next 3 weeks until we get on snow?