Alpine pre-season camp I more info

Hello All!!!

I wanted to provide some details about how camps work in the preseason. There have been questions about why we are skiing for only two and a half hours on Saturday. Copper Mt is not currently open to the public. It is only open to teams, clubs, academies, colleges and national teams. Teams come from all over the country and the world.

Copper is the home base for the US Ski Team in October and November. Copper is only renting lane space during this time. We are paying $1,000 for the lane we have on Saturday, as have all of the other teams present. Lane space this weekend will cost us $3,500.  This is how it works. Loveland does not have lane space available Saturday. Lane space is very precious. There is very little snow in Europe, so there is more demand for space in Colorado this year. I booked our lanes for these two weekends last year. In fact I just requested space for November 2019. Over 60 teams from all over were denied lane space requests by Loveland and Copper for these two weekends.

This weekend will be very intense and the coaches will keep our athletes focused and on task. We have almost forty Telluride athletes participating this weekend, so please be on time and prepared.

Thank you and as always call me with questions. LG 860-919-3072