Annual TSSC Vertical Challenge Feb. 23-Mar. 3

Good Morning Team – Remember to talk to your Team about costumes for next weekends’ Vertical Challenge!!

Yep, it’s that time of year again!
The Vertical Challenge will be on Sat. Feb 23, but we are going to have the athletes continue to collect pledges through March 3rd, winners to be announced that last day of Gravity and All Mt Jr respectively. Due to the hectic comp season we were stretched to put together dates until now.
Same format; your athletes will ski as much vertical as they can (safely) in one day in costumes if you’d like, a group one if you can organize it or just whatever. Athletes and parents will get pledges for donations.
More info on donation platform and sample Athlete Pledge Letter to follow on Monday!
Prizes include Full Scholarship to next year TSSC, $500 off next season tuition, TSSC Logo Gear!