Aspen Age Class Race February 2, 3/Slalom Info

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Subject: Crossblocking/Clearing

It is very common for entry level racing parents to question when to start crossblocking in slalom. First of all, crossblocking is the wrong term to use. The proper term is clearing. Crossblocking provides the image of reaching across your body, which creates multiple porblems.

My experience has formed the opinion that before introducing clearing SL gates, the young skier/athlete must be carving more than 95% of their turns on all terrain and on all pitches. Once carving at this level, the athlete will then naturally ski a line in the slalom course that allows the racer’s center to be inside of the gate. The gate can then be easily “cleared”. To force clearing before an appropriate level of skiing has been achieved will only foster bad habits and skidding of turns. So, do not be disappointed if your racer is not yet crossblocking or more appropiately clearing. It is a process we all have gone through. I have attached a short article about this subject poached from EpicSki, an on-line ski blog/website. 

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