Big Mountain/All Mountain Champs weekly update



Well I’d call the first week of training a success.  I saw lots of smiles, saw some great skiing, and got to meet tons of new people. Groups got a bit mixed up here and there, some coaches ended up with lots of athletes, others had smaller numbers, but skill level seemed pretty comparable in most groups.  It was great to see most athletes dabble in the chair 6 terrain!


This coming weekend I will try and adjust groups again.  I have gotten a ton of requests for different pairings or groups etc.  I try to accommodate as many as I can but the bottom line is we need to keep group sizes fairly even.  If I went with every request, we would essentially have two groups of 30 kids roaming around…..not very productive in the end.    If you don’t end up with your BFF, hang in there, I promise there are other awesome athletes to get to know better and learn with/from as well…… after all we are all here to get better at skiing ultimately.


As National comp registrations come to a close in the next few nights there have been some highs and lows.   I know more than a few of you did not get in to all your desired comps.  Get on the Wait list early and hang in there, many spots will open up as comps get closer.


Regional comps start opening up here this Saturday evening at 5pm, with our own Telluride comp being first in line.  You can head to to look at those event details, along with when each comp registration opens up (insider knowledge, its 6 weeks before the event is held).  You will head to to actually find the registration link.  Please do me a huge favor and be on top of the telluride registration.  While we host the event, I don’t handle registration and don’t have a say in who gets in, so be on it.  I have heard tail that plenty Colorado/NM Teams are planning on coming down for our event.


Please remember to update the comp signup spread sheet as you actually get into an event, or even if you are signed up on the waitlist.  Then Colby and I can better plan for these events.


Here is the Link again


That’s all for now, Enjoy the snow, and see you this Saturday.


Ryan Van Nuys