Big Mountain Holiday camps, and courses signups(Avy 1 and Silverton)

Greetings Snow Sliders,


Looks like some fresh snow to start the Holiday week, with some more on the way.  Pretty stoked with the terrain we have to ski on and with some fresh snow on the way.  Last Saturday We had some great training all over the mountain.  I was very excited to see some great things accomplished by all the groups I saw.  Coaches getting to know athlete, athletes getting into a groove with their coaches etc.


We will have a full day of training this Wednesday from 9:30 to 3:00, then again on Saturday.  Meet at the upper club house as normal.  Looks like it should be a storm riding day, then getting cold, come prepared.  Also, since it is the holidays, please please please pack a lunch.  The core is going to be packed, we are asked ot avoid Gorano’s for the busy season, so lets just group up at the club house with some lunch.  If one athlete needs to go to the core, its going to cost the entire group a hefty amount of training time I expect.  Most coaches have been bringing a packed lunch in a bag and leaving it in the club house……. Works great.


The next registration to look at is Taos regional, which opens at 7pm on the 27th(Thursday). This is a one day regional on Thursday right before the national.  Probably not worth the drive/Missed school for just the regional, but a great idea if you are in for the national as well.  Then we get a few weeks off from registration craziness.


By the end of the day Wednesday the 26th, I need to have final lists together for the Avalanche Course as well as Silverton.  There are three Spots left for the Avy class, and a half dozen for Silverton.   Please head to to sign up(even if you have already told me, you will need to sign up on the website for payment).   Jus FYI the avalanche class at $250 a person is as cheap as I have seen a full level 1 in more than a decade.  Most courses are over $400 at this point in time.    If you are super struggling on the price, it understandable, and hopefully in the coming months/season we can work on some more fund raising to help offset more cost.