Big Mountain update 12/19. Holiday camp plans, faction ski order, registration woes etc.

Hey Freeriders.

What a great first weekend of training that was!  Snow was fantastic, the mountain was pretty empty for a weekend, smiles everywhere!   The energy from athletes was great to see.

After much debate, thought and discussion, we have decided to restructure how the team is set up a bit.  Rather than split into 8 small groups on paper, we are going to function as three larger groups, with 2-3 coaches assigned to each group.  Every day of training, small groups will be split from within those larger groups, based on attendance, training goals, upcoming events etc.    The goal is that groups change a bit every week.  You can find these newer groups on the site…..   This will also offer an opportunity for athletes to meet new ski friends, keeping in mind that a good portion of our athletes come from out of town!

In addition to our normal Saturday training(and Sunday for our most competitive matelotes), our intention is to provide extra training on Mondays and Fridays during the Holiday break, the 23rd, 27th, 30th and 3rd.     Unsure of total numbers I hope to have 3-4 coaches available each day.  These days are not required, but offered for those looking to get some extra shred going!  We will ski from 9:15 to 2-3 each day.   Please be prompt if you want to ski, as we won’t know who plans to attend.

Regional registrations were super tough this year, with over 100 extra athletes coming out of the blue in our region.  I know many of you did not get into all your desired events, and we are working to get a solution.  Hang in there, as soon as I know whats up I will let you know.  It is likely CB will end up as two one days events, opening more spots, and Abasin may add a second day……    IFSA and the Rocky Region are working to get everyone their 3 starts.  For now hangout on the waitlist(plenty will make it in from there) and we will get plans going!

Lastly, Erik and Jagged Edge has helped get a team order together for Faction skis.  The pricing is great, and the skis rip.  I don’t have a full price list, but what I do have is simply great pricing(better than proform).  Skis start at around $300, and almost all of them are under $400.   I recommend the prodigy 2, 3 and 4 and Dictator 2 or 3 for what we do.  Check out details on Let me know asap if you are interested, we would like to get the order together before Christmas.  There are also Pivot 12 and 14 bindings available for 155 and 165 respectively, these are great bindings for all but are most charged skiers(who probably need pivot 18).

Thats all for now, see you shreds this weekend!