Big Mountain Update

Hey Freeriders,

What a show that was all weekend!  First things First, THANKS a TON to all the parents that helped to make the event happen.  I know we have volunteer requirements for the team, but soo many of you went well above and beyond to help make the event a success, enabling our coaching staff to focus on helping our athletes.   Secondly, Thanks to all the athletes!  Many athletes had stand out performances, but even if you didn’t, it was great to see the support, the stoke, and the energy everyone had at the event.

Looking forward, this week is our last week of Ski PE, enjoy, looks like it will be dumping.  This weekend, we will be short Connor and Bailey, who travel for some other ski opportunities.  Orion and Emma will be heading to Abasin for the next comp, details below.    If you are training at home, please be adaptable as we move into comp season as we will have different coaches available every week based on who travels where.  It is more or less going to be powder frenzy this weekend if the forecast verifies, so please be on time, aiming to arrive at the upper club house before 9:30.

If you are planning on traveling to Abasin this weekend for a comp, please plan on being at the club house ready to go at 2pm.  There will be a signup posted to the website soon to cover cost.  We will be taking 2 team vehicles with Orion and Emma.  We have athletes competing both days, but the free skiing is pretty good at the basin, so have fun.  If you are traveling on your own, plan on meeting up with coaches at 7:30 am in the lodge at the basin.    Below is the list of athletes I expect to travel with us, and who will compete with us, but travel with family.  Please let me know if your plans are different than I have recorded.

Traveling with us: Neilly, Toe, Chloe, Shen, Ava, Lucy, Graham

Travelling on own:Georgia, Nathan, Tia, Campbell, Sam, Brian

Thats all I have for now, shred on!