Dryland ReCap

We are not officially gathering for dry land this week, but I was psyched to hear murmurs of athletes getting together to run, skate, train, and find fun ways to keep active during the week. Follow through and your skiing will thank you!

You are all encouraged to keep up the conditioning exercises you learned in our pre-season sessions, as well as expand your routine.


Spin-Bike warm up (Intervals, and standing intervals)

2 minutes high resistance, high intensity/ 2 minutes spinning rest (repeated for 10-20 minutes)

2 minutes spin rest/ 30 sec minutes high resistance STANDING, NO HANDS- keeping upper body super quiet and stable (you can increase this interval as you get the hang of it)

Dynamic strength and flexibility

  • Leg Kicks
  • Lunge walking (side ways and forward)
  • Close the gate/Open the gate walking stretch
  • Lunge Jump (x15) / Hold a tuck (15 sec.)
  • Walking thigh to chest squeeze
  • Air Squats (jumping) (x15)/ Tuck Rest (15 sec)


We did the “bicycle killers” led by Grace. Thanks for the burn!

*Remember to always try and work every side of your core, we talked about side crunches and planks.


Thanks for everyone who came out , and always reach out for more ideas or with questions. We are curious to hear about your self- organized dry land adventures!

See you all for Saturday shred. Please eat a nourishing breakfast- as we will focus on developing good awareness of athletic nutrition as the season progresses.

Chau for now, Colby