Dryland Success, Surveys need to be finished, Silverton????

‘Morning All Mountain Crew,

Yesterday, Colby lead a pretty successful dryland session with a good number of athletes.  I think we had enough interest to get another dryland day going next Tuesday as well.  We will push the start time back to 3:15 so the Mountain School athletes can come over and join. She will be posting this weeks workout to the Tsscnews.org site shortly.

Last week I sent out an email with a link to the team survey.  Here it is again https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdl27SdnF11cchVbdRycjE8QvS2BvZraP8SbcwKCYMx7o4IWw/viewform?usp=sf_link

It is very important to get that filed out, as its the only way I will know who intends to go to which events… therefore the only way I can dole out our very valuable “Team Quota” spots.  This is the only guaranteed spots available for nationals.  Along that line, Snowbird National is very very popular, we only get 3 spots for it to being with.  After those three spots, its nearly impossible to get in, I think they had maybe 6 free spots last year that got randomly drawn from a few hundred applicants.  Start thinking about attending another national, like Crystal which is sick, if you want three starts and I don’t have one available for snowbird.  I will give out Quota codes the beginning of next week, and they need to be used between December 7th and 9th.

I mentioned it to some dryland athletes yesterday and had pretty good response so i am going to put it out there.  Is anyone interested in a guided Silverton day over the winter break?  I am thinking Jan 3rd or 6th.  Cost would probably be somewhere in the $150 to $180 range, possibly cheaper if they are slow on one of the days.  The day would be designed for slightly older, competitive athletes, looking to push it both physically and mentally before the comp season gets going.