It is ultimately up to you to build a preseason conditioning routine and get prepared to ski… But we are here to help give feedback and tips .  Check out some of what we did this week to add to your tool kits 

Warm up and alternating  cardio and strength:

Hiking on a slight incline alternate between a moderate hiking pace and a high intensity pace.  Each pace interval can be 3 to 5 minutes depending on the pitch.

Use breathing and active resting strategies to bring your heart rate back down during your more relaxed pace intervals.

Once nice and warm get into  some dynamic stretching and strengthening .  We did lunges, Alpine tucks, jumping squats, leg kicks, and more.  Check out the link at the bottom of the post for some ideas .

Core is so essential  For what we do. 

360 core/ upper body routine:  Addresses many angles and components of the stabilizing and power generating body center.  Staying engaged (no resting) and  working one move for every side of your core is one “360 rep”

Includes:  Mountain climbers, sunrise push-ups, planks and side planks with dips, tricep dip‘s, and back extensions, plus room for many more that we can add.

Hips, glutes, and the pelvic floor are all part of what I consider a skiers  stabilizing and power core,  so we are always looking to add focus on these areas as the routine grows.

Always wrap up with stretching and include lots of dynamic stretching that can contribute to your warm up and cool down routines on snow.

Heres an interesting article and some leg strengthening ideas. https://www.backcountry.com/explore/train-eccentric-leg-strength-for-alpine-skiing