Early March Mogul Update

Hey crew, stoked for everyone to be in the final stages of comps for the season.  Our Course is still in pretty good shape considering the lack of snow, Mikey and Jenna got the younger crew out training on the big course a bit this past weekend, while our older athletes were wrapping up their regional season at Copper.

This past weekend our older crew was competing at the divisional champs event in Copper, from reports I heard it was a pretty good showing, lots of personal success!  While the athletes were throwing down, we had an unfortunate accident involving coach Jessie, who got pretty banged up on the side of the mogul course, lets keep her in our thoughts for some speedy recovery.

This coming weekend the RQS/Devo squad head to Arapahoebasin for their Champs event.  Jenna and Mikey O will be heading there to coach, planning to arrive Thursday evening.  Please remember to sign up for the on Tssc.org to help cover coaches travel expenses.  With this being the last event of the season for that squad, we will adjust the price down after the fact if we have.any surplus funds(we weren’t quite sure how many were going to attend), but I had a hard time finding reasonably priced lodging for coaches.

At home we will have Jimmy Disco running training for the weekend.  I would like to have some of our older athletes help out with the devo athletes who are staying behind this weekend.  Its a pretty stoked group of kiddos, who are looking for some mentors on our team in their quest to become total shreds!.  Please embrace this opportunity as its one best parts of being on a successful ski team.   So Saturday should be a mix of older and younger bumpers, while Sunday will end up being just our older comp kids.