First day info for Freeride/Freeski

Lets get this party started!!!  The snow is great, more terrain is opening tomorrow and coaches are Pumped!


With the first full weekend of team team training right around the corner, I wanted to get some important info out to everyone.  We meet at 9:15 at the top of chair 7, outside our club house, generally leaving to ski at 9:30.  Please Please help your athletes be on time!  If athletes are late, it effects everyone else’s training experience, and is generally seen as disrespectful to others in the community.  With no chair 7 access this weekend, and plenty of good skiing to be had, I am sure there will be a line for the G in the morning.

Lets help our athletes be prepared for the day, equipment in order(did you check bindings after those new boots?), lunches packed, extra snacks/water/layers in a small back pack ready to go.  Sun Screen, gloves goggles etc can all be important to a great day as well.  Athletes can leave their packs outside the club house to be easily accessed through the day.    As a side note, it can be very disruptive to training if athletes are planning on eating large sit down lunches in the Core, often wasting well more than an hour to make this happen.  I would encourage packing lunches, or on hill dinning/quick grab a go lunches from the Core, etc.

We will dismiss athletes from the upper club house between 3 and 3:30!


If you head to the site and check under your discipline you will find your groups/teammates for the year.  Please hang in there if you think they might not be right(we try really hard!). I am sure there will be a few adjustments  through these first few weeks as we get thins sorted out.  I will be available first thing Saturday morning to help athletes meet their new coaches.

If you are a competitive big mountain athlete, please be sure to check the news site for regional registration information.  This starts on Sunday night and should be attended to right as events open.  If you are new to all this, be sure to check in with myself or your coach this weekend and we can help explain the game a bit more!


Stoked to shred with everyone shortly!