[FIRST DAY OF CLUB] Freeride Big Mountain Champs & Jrs.

Hey Shreds,


We have some very exciting stuff going on this weekend between some terrain expansions and Dr Jim Taylor, world leader in youth sport psychology(who happens to specialize in skiing and has a robust background as a competitor himself). We also have ongoing 3 star comp registration, with Crested Butte 3* Open for another few days.

For comp registration standpoint, things are looking quite good. I think at this point we have 8 or 9 confirmed athletes in copper 3 *, with a few more potentials near the current invite line. Current the Crested Butte 3 star registration is open and will remain open until 5pm on December 10th. I know there had been some issues with people rushing to try and register the moment it opened, but please remember that for 3* events, your time stamp does not matter, only your place on the seeding list.

This weekend Dr Jim Taylor is being hosted by the team as a great source of knowledge for athletes, coaches and parents. Things get kicked off tomorrow night at 5:30 pm at the Telluride conference center in Mountain Village. This will be followed by sessions all day on Saturday, and early Sunday. Some sessions are geared towards parents, others athletes and coaches, and yet a few more for just coaches. Iā€™d recommend competitive minded parent or athlete attend what they can and/or interests them. Attached you will find the schedule for the weekend, Pre skiing sessions at the Telluride distillery, on hill sessions meeting at the base of chair 4, lunch sessions at Gorronos, and post ski sessions at the Club offices at the base of chair 7.

For athletes, particularly Competitive athlete in high school(I think it might be a bit much for middle school, but if you feel like you want in, reach out), Iā€™d really like to see everyone attend at least one on snow session, or more if they interest you. Here is a google sheet link to sign up for what interests you so that coach Colby and I can keep track of who is doing what. Meeting times are 9am for early sessions, 1 pm for later sessions, at the base of chair 4 I assume.

For general training this weekend, we will be meeting at 9:15, at the upper clubhouse, skiing until 3 pm on Saturday, and 12 pm on Sunday. We should have some more terrain to work with and maybe even a bit of fresh snow. Last weekend’s focus was balance while skiing, and this week we will work into some body positioning and more technical focuses.

Ryan Van Nuys
Telluride Ski and Snowboard Club
Freeride Director