[FIRST DAY OF CLUB INFO]Team All Mountain, Grades 7-12

Saturday (12/09) is our first weekend on snow. Meet at top clubhouse at 9:30 ready with the essentials: Skis, helmet, poles, layers, pocket snacks, lunch (or money for lunch), hydrated, well rested, and psyched to play on the hill.
We’ll start with coach and athlete introductions, and gear checks, then we’ll move into warm-up laps on Chair 4 before breaking off into groups, getting back to basics, and exploring what’s open. We’ll finish up the day with our ski legs under us, and dreaming and planning about season goals, big and small, in life and skiing.
Please reach out with questions, comments, or concerns. We look forward to skiing with you this winter!
Alma Johnson
Head Coach, Team All Mountain 7-12th grade

Ryan Van Nuys
Telluride Ski and Snowboard Club
Freeride Director