[First Day of Ski Club] IMPORTANT FOLLOW UP | Gravity & Big Mtn Jrs., Saturday group assignments


Hi Team Gravity & Big Mountain Juniors  – It looks like our tssc.org email may have been marked as SPAM by the powers that be, so we are experiencing some technical difficulties (you have to go to your spam folder in this case, you can’t even do a search) ….

PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL INDIVIDUALLY. Please be patient.  We have over 150+ athletes in Gravity and Big Mountain Junior, Maggie & I are getting inundated, please be patient.

PLAN.  We will be sending out subsequent emails tomorrow via our TeamUnify website platform (this one).  We will also have Club Amabassadors with Roster groups to meet you on Saturday morning and point you in the right direction (they will be the ones with the clipboards & I will be in a black Club jacket with a santa hat running around like crazy), please seek us out to get your group meeting number or letter if for some reason you still don’t get your group assignment tomorrow (just don’t panic!).

Thank you for your patience and we’ll see you Saturday.  This isn’t our first rodeo, hold on with us, we’ve got you!!!