First Day of Snowboard Club and Information

Dear Parents and Members,

The first day of Snowboard Club is Saturday December 8th.  We meet at the Telluride Ski and Snowboard Club House at the top of Chair 7.  We meet at 10am and ride till 3pm.  We break for lunch around 11:30, and we eat at the bottom in Mountain Village (usually Crazy Elk).  Please make sure your child has lunch money, or a packed lunch.  We can store packed lunches at the Club House.  We dismiss Snowboard Club at 3pm at the Club House (top of chair 7).  You can pick up your child at the Club House, or they can leave for the day on their own.  It is really important to make sure your child is ready to go for the day…a good night sleep the night before, a well eaten breakfast in the morning, dressed appropriately/warmly for the day, they have their helmet, packed lunch or lunch money, and they’re ready to have fun for the day! We will break the riding groups up into ability level.  We will work on and coach the kids on what they want to do for the day.  We will strive to make sure the kids daily goals are met to help achieve their winter long term/future goals.
Christmas Camp for Snowboard Club will be held December 28th-29th and January 4th-5th.  We will be riding from 10-3pm during Christmas Camps.  Christmas Camps are an awesome time for the kids to get extra coaching and riding time in with Club.
Ski P.E. this year starts January 9th and runs for five weeks.  Third through sixth grade ride on Wednesdays, and seventh through 12th grade ride Thursday and Friday afternoons.  Please keep in mind during Ski P.E. is considered school time as well as Snowboard Club time.
This winter if your child wants to compete, we will be competing in the USASA South West Colorado Series.  Those contests will be held in Durango and Crested Butte.  If your child wants to compete in halfpipe we will most likely be traveling to Aspen to compete in their series because they have a real Superpipe (unlike Durango).  We can get training time in Aspen as well for halfpipe if your child is interested in competing in halfpipe.  We will have a traveling contest coach to coach the kids at the events.  This winter we have changed our guidelines and children must travel to events with parents if under the age of 14.  You can find more information about USASA at  The schedule for the events we will be attending are under South West Colorado Series and Aspen Snowboard Series on  I will send out detailed information before each event if your child plans on competing.
This winter all of our snowboard coaches are USASA certified.  We have an awesome staff this year.  They are all excited to coach and ride with the kids!
This in the coaches contact information:
Ryan Hoglund 720-937-2694
Molly Cooney 970-729-0198
Jay Weaver 281-455-0756
AJ Crocker 503-307-4809
Lexi Torelli 720-442-4311
We have an online team calendar and snowboard team page on  This website will help you keep up to date!
Please let me know if you have any questions!  I’m looking forward to a great season, and can’t wait to get on the snow with the kids!
Ryan Hoglund
Snowboard Program Director
Telluride Ski & Snowboard Club