First day tips and information

Hello and Welcome,

We are looking forward to a great season on the mountain with your young skiers. Our coaches are ready and excited to start the season.

We want to make it very clear to all parents of athletes new to the program that the first two weeks are a period of evaluation. From time to time we recommend that a skier participate in D-Squad through TSG. TSG is very good at getting young skiers up to speed with basic foundation skills. If your child is new to Gravity please have a conversation with your child regarding the possibility that they may be better served participating in D-Squad. This is not a measure of success or failure, it is simply an avenue to provide your young athlete with the necessary skills to get them up to speed and feeling confident. In addition, even if your child has participated in years past your child may move groups in the first couple of weeks if it is necessary. Again, please have this conversation with your child. We want them to feel successful even when they may have to move from one group to another.


Now is the time to make sure that your child is equipped and prepared to ski in any condition that the mountain may throw at us. The following tips are some helpful things to keep in mind when preparing your athlete for a day with Gravity:

*Check all your child’s ski equipment before the first day. If you are have already skied prior to the first day of Gravity you have had an opportunity to make sure everything fits and is working well for your skier. If you are unable to make it up on the mountain, check bindings and boot fit at home.

*Your child may pack a lunch or buy a lunch on the mountain. We ask that that there is no candy or sugary drinks at lunch. Pack a healthy lunch that will sustain your skier through the afternoon. We ask that during peak holiday times you pack your child a lunch rather than buying a lunch.

* If your child is buying a lunch please make sure they know if they are using Mountain Money or Resort Charge.

* Please be punctual. Being on time creates the tempo for the rest of the day and helps group dynamics.

*Please write your phone numbers on your child’s pass. This is very important, please use a permanent marker.

*A neck gaiter is mandatory; it is a very important part of layering. This is an essential layer that can be put in their pocket if they get too warm.

*I always recommend mittens rather than gloves. Please make sure that your child’s gloves/mittens fit properly and are ready to stand up to snow and cold temperatures. Pop hand warmers in before arriving on the mountain.

*Keep your child’s boots warm the night before and the morning of their ski day. Having warm liners will keep little feet warm through the day.  Warm Feet = Happy Skiers.

*Tuck a spare pair of hand warmers in your skier’s pockets and layer appropriately for the conditions. We will be skiing in all conditions and temperatures.

*Eat a big breakfast. This will help your child power through the morning. Protein and fat are so important to sustain endurance and fend off fatigue.

*Pack a snack that does well in a pocket in cold temperatures. Make sure your child knows where it is and is able to access it on the chair lift. You are responsible for providing snacks that will help your child power through the day.

* Please be punctual and make contact with your child’s coach at drop off AND pick up. If you have any special pick up or drop off circumstances, we need to be informed. Please let your child’s coach know if there is any deviation in a normal pick up. We cannot let your child ski down on their own without a prior signature on a waiver (this was an option when filling out your registration).

*Please apply sunscreen. I suggest additionally a skin protectant, such as Aquaphor, to prevent windburn on really cold days.

The first day of Gravity will be Saturday, December, 14.  We will meet at the TSSC upper clubhouse, located between the San Sophia Station and Lift 7. Groups will be departing by 10:00, please have your skier there at 9:50. We appreciate your efforts to help us meet this time.

This year I will be emailing each parent an alphabet letter. This is your child’s assigned group. You should expect this email later in the week before the first day.

We will ski until 3:00 pm and meet back at the same location as the morning drop off. Please be punctual at pick up time. 

There will be two Holiday camp days over winter break, Monday, December, 23 and Monday, December, 30. Same times and meeting place as Saturdays. Please let me know if you are not going to be present over the Holiday Break.

Ski PE/ School Release starts Tuesday, January, 7 for 1st graders and 2nd graders, Wednesday, January, 8 for 3rd graders. TES will keep you abreast with information regarding their schedules. As with Saturdays, your child may bring a lunch or purchase one.

 I am always happy to answer any questions you may have. Please be sure to check the TSSC blog regularly, this is your source for information.

Thank you for your participation and on behalf of all the coaches we look forward to a terrific season.

Best Regards,

Maggie McNally