First Week Alpine Info

Hey Everybody

General Info:The official start of the season starts this Saturday. Please meet at the upper clubhouse by 9:30. We usually leave right at 9:30. It is important to be on time. This Saturday we will most likely take some time to sort out groups. Please be patient with us, as it will take several days to get all the athletes paired up with the right group. Make sure your child is dressed for all weather, has snacks, water bottle and has lunch or lunch money. You should take the time to print out and read the parent handbook found on the G-Drive in the Alpine page on the website.

Snow Days: If we have received 4 or more inches of snow within the last 24 hours or heavy snow is falling the morning of training and is forecasted to continue through the day, be prepared to ski the mountain with all mountain skis. Many times if significant snow has fallen overnight, you will receive an email early morning to let you know we are skiing the mountain, but be prepared for that decision to occur when you arrive for training.

Coaches’ Training Update: Seven of our coaches just completed USSA Level 200 Certification. We now have 8 of 12 coaches who are Level 200 or higher, which is a a very large percentage to have such high level of certifications. We also have 10 of our coaches USSA certified Referees.

Coach Housing Need: Our newsest coach, Lydia Morin, moved here last month from Maine. She is haveing difficulty finding housing. Ideally, she is looking for a one bedroom with loft or two bedroom. Please contact Lydia directly if you have any ideas. Lydia- 207-691-5410.