Holiday training continues… comp signup about done.

Hey there all you shredders,

The mountain is in great shape, the forecast looks good, verging towards really good, and we have plenty of opportunities to shred with the team coming up.

We will have coaching available this coming Friday, Saturday and Monday at 9:15.  In addition our competitive athletes, signed up for Bronze, Silver and Gold packages will have training available on Sunday at 9:15.  Our intent is to ski until 3 on Saturday and 2 on all the other days.  Please try and stick through the team days until the end, you don’t get better at skiing by calling it a few hours early.  We understand if other things are coming up… but…. national comps are 3-4 day events, so you might as well get in the habit of skiing near full days.

On Monday, I would like any athlete who has snow safety gear(and uses it) to bring it.  The holidays are here, and there are plenty of new beacons/packs floating around among our athletes, its time to practice some beacon skills!    Coaches will help with setting up some practice situations, from beginners to more advanced situations.   Heck, if any parents want to get in on the action, come on over, the more people, the better our training can be ultimately!

As our registration window comes to a close for this years events, please take the time to update your comps on our Google sheet so coaches can start to plan travel.  Here is the link to that sheet.  We will plan to attend any added days for regionals(Wednesday at Taos and Saturday at the Basin) so don’t be afraid to sign up if you need to.  Update your waitlist status as it changes as well.

In general here is how team travel works…It is team policy that athletes 13 and under travel/stay with parents.  For older athletes attending nationals,   we travel as a team to most events, athletes and coaches staying together in a rented condo/house, eating team meals together, doing video review, cool downs etc.  Parents are welcome to come support the athletes, joining in for occasional meals, etc, but generally get lodging on their own(often parents group up for that).   For regional events, we go either way, for bigger and farther away events we travel/stay as a team, for closer, one day events athletes travel with their family, or group up with other families.  I think the only event on the schedule right now that I don’t intend to find team lodging for is Aspen…..