January Races Clarification

Hello All,

There exists some confusion on our races the first week of January. Let me explain.
The January 3, 4 races at Loveland are SYNC races for U14-19’s. Races on January 5, 6 are Bolle Age Class races for U10-19’s. There are always three venues for the Age Class races. They are Loveland, Beaver Creek and Steamboat. We are assigned to the Steamboat races on January 5, 6. The reason we are in Steamboat and not Beaver Creek, as in previous years, is because we are now too large to attend Beaver Creek. We are now the fourth largest age class program in Rocky Mountain Division. Hopefully, this explains things.
On another note; we have had amazing training to date. Moving forward our athletes need skis tuned at a minimum once a week. If you need help, some of our coaches are available to tune. If you would like a coach to tune skis for you please make an appoinment. Please pay the coach directly $20.
Here are the coaches contacts:
Rachel  603-828-1345
Michael 267-229-8940
Ian         970-799-1528