Mid Season Update/Registration

Good evening skiers and parents,

We wanted to take a second to clarify our competitive travel plans for the the winter. After further review of our schedule and budget we have come to the conclusion that we will be two separate age groups traveling to two different USASA divisions. Our younger athletes (ages 10-14) will be focusing on the Southwest USASA division. These competitions will be taking place in Purgatory, two of which have already taken place. This will allow our younger guys to gain momentum and experience in the competitive environment. Registration and scheduling for this division can be found at this link. 

Our older athletes (ages 15-18) will be attending the Aspen USASA series. This will provide them with a high caliber of competition and allow them to train on the gold standard of slopestyle courses. The first of these slopestyle competitions is taking placing this weekend at Snowmass and our coach Jason Castle will be attending the competition to provide support for our athletes. There will be training on Saturday a day before the competition takes place so our skiers can acclimate to the bigger jumps. For a full schedule of the Aspen series and the registration links please click here.

If you have an athlete that wants to double up and compete in both divisions please let us know and we will do our best to accomodate. This structure is our effort to develop the strongest, most sustainable programming possible. As always, we value your feedback and we are available to assist with any concerns or goals you might have. Thank you all for your continued support and the team is looking forward to a safe, progressive February and March. The big jump line in Upper Hoot is now open, so please make sure your skiers are getting a good night’s sleep and a sufficent breakfast before training to help migitate injury.

See you on the slopes,

Lane Smith