Mogul training update

Hey Bumpers,

Pretty Primo jump happening on Chair 5 these days!  The line has been in such good shape I even took a few laps this past week….

Training this weekend on Friday-Monday.  9:15 to 2/3 depending on the day.  Jenna/Mike on Friday, then Alex and Trudy rejoin us for the weekend.

This may be a new standard procedure for some, but training starts at 9:15 every day, not when athletes decide it should start!  The entire training session will not be spent on the course, but that doesn’t mean the coaches don’t want to help athletes when free skiing, or provide some direction while a course is being prepped.  We simply can not make new meeting times, it detracts from those athletes who have shown up on time and want to learn.   If you are late, its your responsibility to meet up with the group, and no the group will not wait for you, if you are late, its your job to wait for the group.

For those planning on attending the Aspen rqs/Devo comp, please get signed up, and also please update our in house comp signup sheet so we can provide the proper amount of coaching.  Right now the plan is to have a coach leave early on Friday to attend training if available(I think it will be).  Here is the link to our Google sheet.