Mogul update 12/19

Hey there bumpers!

Great weekend of training last week, some free ski, some jumps, high stoke!   I like it.

For the next few weeks we will offer some extra training in addition to our normal Saturday and Sunday routine.  All training sessions start at 9:15 at the top club house.   In addition to Saturdays and Sundays, we will have coaches available on Mondays the 23rd and 30th, as well as Fridays the 27th and 3rd.  My hope is to start building on Hermit before the 3rd….. fingers crossed……   In the mean time, there are two jump built on chair 5, with a pretty good zipper associated with the bigger jump…..  Plus I’d love to ski some hot mogul action from this crew on chair 9!  It was ripping yesterday!

Its also time for out RQS and Devo skiers to get signed up for the upcoming Aspen comp.  Mike and Jenna will attend as coaches, and we are stoked to get you guys competition.  Head to to sign up.  Remember that travel to the rqs and devo comps is on the family, but I am happy to help coordinate families in need of help for events..