Parent Meeting Recap

Thanks to all who attended our meeting last Thursday night.  The meeting was well attended with parents, athletes and coaches.
After a dynamic stretch routine, lead by Remick and Berns Kurtz, introductions were made by all attending, and the following points were discussed:
Freestyle / Freeski training matrix:  Head Coaches Lane Smith (Freeski)  and Scott Bahrke (Freestyle) are creating skills and drills progressions that lead up to higher skill levels and degree of difficulty. As John Wooden said ,” It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” We believe that it is the little jumps and a lot of them that make the big jumps happen. We are combining Park and moguls as far as training days and times but will remain disciple specific on the hill.
We would like to have Athletes arrive at 9:15 (group stretch) prepared, food,water,sunscreen, dressed to spend the day outside for each day of scheduled training.   Also , it would be great to see better attendance at dry land training. Dry land training is an excellent start  to wake up muscle memories and rehearse movement patterns similar  those on the hill skiing. More on expectations and program information can be found here:
We are looking at two athlete evaluations this season, one at the end of January and the other at the middle of  March. Also as discussed in the past we are shooting for two surveys for parents and athletes to give us feedback on our programming. Our evaluations and surveys will be based on our training matrix of skills and drills.
Volunteer opportunities
Parents’ are encouraged to volunteer at events, home and away.  Parent volunteering is the backbone of success for all competitive ski clubs. Parents are also encouraged to become officials for Freeski and Freestyle events.
Competition Schedule
Attached are the various competition schedules for Freeski and Freestyle competitions. We encourage athletes to participate in at least two events. Schedules can also be found on our
Lynn Jansen, Chair of the Freestyle /Freeski parent  committee, spoke about parents meetings held the first Tuesday of each month. Meetings  are held at the Wilkinson Public Library and begin at 5:00p. Please join us if you can tomorrow night!
Anne-Britt spoke about the new page where program information and updates will be made weekly.  We will be uploading information to the parents G Drive for both Freestyle and Freeski.
Thanks again to all the attended. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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Jeff Yingling
Freestyle / Freeski  Program Director
Telluride Ski & Snowboard Club
cell. 970-729-3108