Park Crew Update: Here comes comp season!

       Hey skiers and parents,
  Under these few words,  you will find the 2020 Park Team Competition schedule. We hope to be sending a coach to support our team in both the Aspen Snowmass and Southwest Colorado Series events. You can register for these events online at USASA.ORG. There is an overlap on February 22nd, when there is a slopestyle occurring both in Aspen and in our own Hoot Brown Terrain Park. I would recommend that our athletes take advantage of the slope contest being held on our home turf in Telluride, and the back to back rail jams the following day. This will likely be a better opportunity to gain points for national rankings, and will be an exciting opportunity to grow and develop our freeski community.
     As always we are open to your feedback in regards to this schedule, and will do our best to accommodate to your needs with our given resources. We have an incredible coaching staff this winter, our goal is, as always, to push our skiers to progress as much as possible, while minimizing potential injury. This week we are working directly with the Telski terrain park staff to develop the Upper Hoot big jump line with the safest trajectories possible and ask for your patience in helping our athletes develop. I am available most directly via phone if you have any concerns or questions.
    Thanks for your time,
      Lane Smith
      Park Coach
      (970) 519 1459

                              2020 Telluride Park Team Competition Schedule

January 25th- Slopestyle 1, Pitchfork Park Purgatory (Southwest Colorado Series)

January 26th- Slopestyle 2, Pitchfork Park Purgatory (Southwest Colorado Series)

February 8th- Slopestyle 2, Aspen Snowmass (Aspen Snowmass Series)

February 15th- Rail Jam 1, Purgatory “Under The Lights”  (Southwest Colorado Series)

February 22nd- SLOPESTYLE 3, HOOT BROWN TERRAIN PARK, TELLURIDE (Southwest Colorado Series)

     Note: Slopestyle 3 of the Aspen Snowmass Series occurs on this same date. 

February 23rd- RAIL JAM 2, HOOT BROWN TERRAIN PARK, TELLURIDE (Southwest Colorado Series)

February 23rd- RAIL JAM 3, HOOT BROWN TERRAIN PARK, TELLURIDE (Southwest Colorado Series)