Preseason update!

With snow guns blazing away(Thanks Lane!) and some more winter like weather in the forecast, I wanted to get a preseason update out to everyone.

Our dryland trainings have been a great success, and continue through this week.  2:30 today and 3:30 on Thursday.   We also have one more Montrose tramp session booked for this Thursday at 7:00 at Black Canyon Gymnast.  Once again, Orion will meet those needing a ride at 5:15 at the team HQ.  I believe there are still a few spots available, you can sign up on the website, under the signup-events and travel tab.  For our Silver and Gold level athletes(full time competitive athletes) we will look to continue some midweek dryland and/or on snow after thanksgiving, details to come.

Ski Club officially starts on snow training on December 14th!  We can’t wait to kick things off in style and start this season right!.  In the meantime, everyone should be getting their equipment/gear in order.  Speaking of which, we will be hosting a second gear night at Jagged Edge Sports on December 5th from 5-7pm.  This is a great opportunity to order equipment for the season at a huge discount.  Specifically back protection(now mandatory for competitive IFSA events), helmets, goggles, skis, binders etc.  A few coaches will be available to help guide decisions as well.

Another thing to take note of is the team calendars.  I have spent a fair bit of time the past week or so going through all the comp schedules of our various disciplines, trying to optimize a comp schedule.  What is listed are the events the club plans to fully support(in addition to any championship events when that time comes).  Take a look and start to figure out what works for you as individual families.

That’s all for now, enjoy.