Purgatory/Aspen Weekend Travel Updates

Good evening parents and skiers,

We are very pleased with the high level of participation in this weekend’s competitions. Thank you all for RSVPing in such a timely fashion that was a huge help in coordinating our coaching and travel plans. In regards to Purgatory, many of you have signed up for Saturday’s slopestyle event but there are also back to back rail jams on Sunday which should be a blast. If you still want to register for any of these the link can be found here. These events are a great opportunity to stockpile points for nationals and for our younger guys to gain momentum and competitive experience. The coaching fees for these competitions will be $25 a day, made payable via check or cash. Please show up for registration both days at 8 AM and make sure your skiers have had a solid breakfast.

If your athlete is one of the older skiers traveling to Aspen Snowmass with coach Jason Castle, you can contact him at (315) 360-6933 for information regarding coaching fees, travel costs, and the registration location. Looking forward, we hope our entire team can look forward to attending Slopestyle 3 in Aspen on February 24th, 2019. If you have an athlete that is not traveling this weekend, coaches Rob and Ross will be at the clubhouse at 9:30 AM on Saturday for training on our new and improved Hoot Brown Terrain Park jump line. Our coaching staff is extremely appreciative of your continued support, patience and engagement!

Thank you for your time,

Lane Smith

(970) 519 1459