Registrations continue, home comp coming up!

Yeah for more snow…. these next two weather systems look to treat us pretty well!  Last week we did our best to get every athlete some video review, and I think we got everyone who was there with the exception of Heather’s group due to time constraints.  I was stoked to see so many engaged athletes and hope we can do some more of this in the coming weeks.

Aspen regional signup is opening Thursday evening at 7pm, please check for more info.   We will be sending coaches to this event.

Monarch Regional has opened up a category for 12-14 years olds just getting into competing.  There will not be any points for ranking associated with this event, but if you are wondering whether competing is for you, or want to dabble with no stress, in a relatively tame venue…… this is for you.  Colby is already heading to this event to help coach the little crew… so have at it if this sounds like something you would like to try.

The website now has a signup for team travel to Snowbird National leaving tomorrow.  Many of you already signed up, which is great.  If you are an athlete traveling and staying with the team, please sign up TODAY!  Colby and Orion will be meeting everyone at 1 pm tomorrow in the Carhenge lot.

Our home event is 10 days away!!!! I am starting to work pretty specifically on this event.  Very shortly we will have a volunteer signup available on   We will need help on Friday afternoon with venue setup(skiing stuff to venue), and short registration period at the club house.  Then on Saturday we will need help in the early morning with registration, on hill with Venue set up, ski ninjas, scoring assistant(running scores), Lunch procurement and distribution.  Registration jobs don’t involve skiing, most others do.  Ski Ninja is a sweet fun job, but was ask that you be a skier who is very comfortable in the venue.  Lets put on a great show, and hopefully we can be included in the conversation to hold a higher level event in the near future.