Taos Travel Plans

Just wanted to get the conversation going on Taos Regional/National.  Colby, Myself and probably one other will head up this event.

I have a house rented in Arroyo Seco, about 15 minutes from the mountain for athletes and coaches.  I am thinking we will take 2 suburbans down, one Wednesday after school, and one Thursday after school.   Anyone competing in the regional, and preferably younger age group national athletes will be on the Wednesday program, while non regional, older athletes will probably prefer the Thursday departure.


On the food front, We plan to have one night out in Taos at a great mexican restaurant that handles larger groups very well.  Other than that I would like to cook/prepare most of our meals at home.  With such a large group(rougly 15 with coaches) I am wondering if I could convince some parents to prepare some group meals which we could heat up at  the house.  In years past this has been a great way to eat healthy, hearty meals as a team efficiently.  Any takers?   Breakfast bakes or supplies, lunch making kits, dinners all work great.

Here is a signup for meal help http://https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11D3Jvij4SpMqGpwqi2MbvX114dcIo7eUHed8Bls8BKI/edit?usp=sharing


I know Jadin Scott is staying and traveling with family, are there any others that plan to do that?

I will get an official signup going on the website once numbers are more firm and cost are dialed but it looks to be in the $275 range per person right now with lodging, travel, coaches travel etc.

Here is the list I have, please let me know if there are any changes.


Chloe Hehir
Eli Blakney (WL)
Kyle Soukup
Maya O
Lily WL regional



Chloe Hehir
Lydia Hagan
Ava Hagan
Gracey Ringstad
Christian Hilbert
Kyle Soukup
Eli Blakney
Maya O

Jadin Scott