Training Plan for this weekend, Big Mountain Home Comp Plan! Jan. 30 – Feb. 02

Hey all you shredders.

The big weekend is here, the IFSA National on our home turf is right around the corner.  The snow was great today, venues look solid, stoke is HIGH!

I will start out with the plan for those not competing.  If you are not competing, you should be looking for Bailey, Patti, Abi, Adam and Adrian for training at the normal times… 1:15 for ski PE and 9:15 am for Saturday training.   Park crew should look for Woody, Lane or Roan this weekend more or less as normal.    We will not offer Sunday Big Mountain training this weekend, except for the comp.  Groups will be mixed up a bit, but it should be awesome fun.  Thursday should be a pretty normal ski day for you guys, will Friday and Saturday, i would recommend skiing up to the venue a few times to watch and cheer on your team mates!

For those in the Comp.  Remember, that as of this year, back protectors are mandatory for athletes to compete!

Here are some times to plan for:

Tomorrow, Wednesday, you can come by the lower team club house between 3 and 5 to get registered(it will be way easier than trying to do it Thursday morning)

On Thursday we will offer coaching for inspection in a few different time slots.  If you are wanting some more time with coaches, or want to ski a bit more before your comp, please plan on meeting a coach or two at 11am at the top of chair 12.  I would highly recommend this option for the few park skiers doing their first big mountain comp, so coaches can get to see your skiing style, or athlete who don’t normally ski with Colby, Emma, Orion or Connor.

If you are an older athlete, or feel pretty confident with Genevieve(most of you should), Please plan on getting out of school at normal ski PE time, getting on chair 7 quickly(eat a snack on the chair) and make your way to chair 12 ASAP to meet up with your coaches around 1:30-1:45.

12-14 athletes have a mandatory meeting at the Elks Club at 5pm Thursday night, while older athletes have a mandatory meeting at 5pm on Friday night.