Training times/dates through New Years.

Hey there shreds,

Nice first weekend out there.  it was great to see everyone lapping the park as a group and progressing through the weekend!

We will meet at 9:15 on Saturday and 10am on Sunday(for those sunday skiers).  Saturday you will have Lane and Rob, while Sunday will be with Roan again.

A guest coach who was going to help us out through break has unfortunately been in a pretty serious car accident, and won’t be able help as originally planned.  This as forced us to re think extra training during holiday break.  Lane will be there for Friday the 27th and Friday the 3rd of Jan.  10 am meet up on those days.

A note on meeting times….. Please try your best to be on time(everyone did great on Saturday).  It negatively effects everyone else’s training time if you are late.  It is impossible for coaches to be responsible for athletes who showed up late, we have already left for the day, and would never even know an athlete is on the mountain and supposed to be under out watch.   It is also not the timely athletes and coaches responsibility to “wait” for a late party….. again this would negatively effect everyone elses day.  Hope you can understand….