Traveling Ski & Snowboard Team & Athlete School Attendance

Dear TSSC Families – We are in receipt of the letter from Mr. Terry about school attendance and are in agreement.  The Club expects our athletes to maintain good grades, good attendance and respect for others (and how our actions impact others, this includes our fellow classmates and our hard-working teachers).

We are almost 400 members strong in Club now and, as you can imagine, when we leave for comps (which is almost every weekend in one or more of our Disciplines) there is a big disturbance in school if athletes are asking to be let out early just to drive the day before a competition.  While we recognize some of our travel does require for on snow days during the school week, most do not, and most are within a 5-hour drive.  In general, there is no reason to leave during school hours to attend weekend competitions.

Thank you for being cognizant of this and keeping your athlete in school as much as possible!

Think Snow!

TSSC Cast & Crew