TSSC Alpine First Day Saturday, Dec. 8th

And just like that the official start of the season is here. We have increased numbers of athletes and coaches this year. So, things may be a little hectic for the first couple of weeks. Please read this entire email.

Please be patient, especially with U10 and 12’s, as we sort out the groups. We have 17 U10’s and 37 U12’s. We will meet at 9:30. You must be on time. This Saturday there will be eight GS panels set in a row across from the top of Lift 7. That is where you will check in your child. You will check them in with Mia and me. If they have special needs or instructions, you will tell Mia or me. We will then send them to their group. We have 2 U10 groups, 4 U10 groups, 2 U14 groups and 1 U16-19 group. The coaches are:

U10 Alex Kresic, Tyler Lefebvre ( he is moving here from New Hampshire this week) so Jake Bush is with them this week.

U12 Justin Chandler, Ian Mcknight, Kulani Aplin, Lee Foden.

U14 Krystin Wignall, Rachel Lefebvre.

U16-19 Michael Kerr.

As always please contact me with any questions. LG 860-919-3072