TSSC Alpine Last Minute Info for 12/08/18

Tomorrow is a big day. Here is some information you need moving forward. Please always check the Alpine Calender the night before training. Any changes will be reflected by 5:30 pm the evening before training. Also, whenever we have four(4) or more inches of snow, be prepared to ski the entire mountain. Unless stated otherwise on the calender, weekend and holiday training will be 9:30-3. The type of skis needed for training will always be on the calender. Training does not necessarily mean running gates. We do most of the work and fun outside of the gates. Make sure you send your child with lunch or money for lunch. Always be prepared for any type of weather conditions.

As stated in last night’s email: Tomorrow there will be eight GS panels set across from the top of lift 7. That is where you will check in your child. We will then send them to their group. Kulani has sketched a drawing for us and it is attached. Hopefully, it gives a playful view of what the morning will look like.
See you all tomorrow!