TSSC Alpine Pre-Season Camps Info

We have two preseason camps upcoming. The on-snow dates are No. 9-12 and 16-20. They are four day camps, but you can choose to attend as many or as few days you would like. Both camp sign ups are on the event sign up on the Home page. Much of the camp info is found there. I will send out an email with more details as we get close to the camp dates.

 If you are doing less than four days please sign up on-line and choose to pay by check. The costs is $480 per camp or $125 per day. If you are paying by check please drop the check in the “Alpine” drop box in the clubhouse. Sign up deadlines are Nov. 2 for the first camp and Nov. 7 for the second camp.

You will  need to sign the Loveland waiver, which is an on-line waiver. The link is below. You will also need to sign the Copper waiver and Code of Conduct. Both are attached. You will need to bring the Copper waiver and Code of Conduct to the clubhouse.

Loveland:  https://app.waiverforever.com/pending/wIUGiohvDK1524073646

Copper CODEOFCONDUCTCopper Waiver


Please contact me with any questions. LG 860-919-3072