TSSC Early Season Alpine Update

We officially begin the new alpine season this Saturday. Before we kickoff the season let’s review what has been happening so far. We have been very busy.

As of December 2, 2018 we have held 22 dryland sessions with goal setting and medal testing. We have had 13 days of on-snow training. Of those days we have had 9 days of video, 4 days of hand held timing and 1 race day simulation with electric timing. We have been able to  do a saturation of skills development. In addition we have had 5 days of tactical/line work. We have trained beside the US Ski Team, the Austrians, Germans, French, British, Koreans, Kiwis, as well as, ski academies and colleges from the east and west coast. Our older kids will be attending their first races in a week and a half.

We will begin this Saturday at the upper clubhouse at 9:30. We will have over 90 athletes and 12 alpine coaches. I will send out a logistical email regarding Saturday morning this Thursday. Let the fun begin!