Weekend recap, CB and Aspen info

Greetings Snow Sliders,

What a session that was last weekend!  The snow keeps coming, and it looks like another wave targeting the San Juans for some point Saturday/Sunday this weekend.   Coaches had a blast skiing with the athletes that made their way to training, and tons of pow/air were had by all.   Unfortunately, that wasn’t too many athletes at the top of chair 7 by 9:50 am……..   

As the popularity of Telluride will undoubtable continue to grow with the epic pass, and a good season, it’s very important to start showing up a bit earlier on Saturdays for training.  If you are late, please try and get in touch with your or a coach.  The way things are rolling, if we continue to wait for late athletes, we are punishing athletes who showed up on time.   As such, groups will be rolling out at 9:30 from here on out, and if you are late you can get in touch with your coach, and he/she will let you know where to wait for the group….. The group will not be waiting for you!

For those heading to Aspen, if you are traveling with the team, 7:30 at the club house on Saturday morning to grab a suburban and head out.  Afternoon skiing at Highlands with coaches for those that aren’t traveling with the team… Then comp day on Sunday.  I think at this point Scott and Connor will be coaching the event. Cost for the people traveling with the team will be $95 and the fee to get coaches there will be $55 for those traveling with parents.  Those signups are available under the big mountain tab and team travel.  Please get signed up asap

For those heading to CB with the team…. We have a great house a few minutes down the road.   Finally cost is looking to be about $285 a person, with food, lodging, and transportation.  We will have a suburban leaving from telluride at 7:30 am on Thursday.  I will get a signup going online for the event shortly.  We will once again have a meal help signup, but this time will be able to offer a discount on your cost… we can offer $75 for a dinner and $40 for a breakfast or lunch, this in an attempt to keep things fair and cost effective.   Here is a link to sign up to help cook/provide a meal.  Thanks