Weekend Sessions with Dr. Jim Taylor

Dr Jim Taylor, world leader in youth sport psychology(who happens to specialize in skiing and has a robust background as a competitor himself)

This weekend Dr. Jim Taylor is being hosted by the team as a great source of knowledge for athletes, coaches and parents. Things get kicked off tomorrow night at 5:30 pm at the Telluride conference center in Mountain Village. This will be followed by sessions all day on Saturday, and early Sunday. Some sessions are geared towards parents, others athletes and coaches, and yet a few more for just coaches. Iā€™d recommend competitive minded parent or athlete attend what they can and/or interests them. Attached you will find the schedule for the weekend, Pre skiing sessions at the Telluride distillery, on hill sessions meeting at the base of chair 4, lunch sessions at Gorronos, and post ski sessions at the Club offices at the base of chair 7.

Click here to view the weekend schedule