Year end awards / mogul show

Hello Folks,

Thank You All for a great season!
For those we missed this weekend at the mogul show, here is a short recap of season end award recipients.
But, first, I would like to announce this season’s winner of the Dalton award. The Dalton award is given out each season to an athlete that gives back to the program and teammates. Remick Kurtz has been a positive roll model and has given back to the program with his positive attitude and endless encouragement and support for his teammates.  Remick has the best attendance for dry land training on the team. Remick has also given his best effort on the hill this season and has shown tremendous improvement, particularly in the air getting his 360.  Congratulations Remick!
Coach Abby Herman gave out the Keaton McCargo and the Caleb Martin award. The Keaton McCargo ward is given to an athlete each season that shows persistence and perseverance.  Paige Sharp is the recipient of  the Keaton McCargo award this season. Paige has pushed through a good part of this season with an ankle injury and is determined to improve.
Coach Abby also gave out the Caleb Martin award. The Caleb Martin award goes to an athlete that shows up for training with an intensity and passion for skiing moguls. Eloise Yingling received this years Caleb Martin award. Eloise showed up for each day of training ready to ski moguls, regardless of how good the powder skiing was Eloise was always looking to ski moguls and work on her turns and jumps.
Coach Scotty Bahrke gave the Andy Sawyer award. The Andy Sawyer award goes to an athlete that shows up every day of club with a happy go lucky attitude and makes the best of whatever they have to work with.  Jonah Jodlowski received this season’s Andy Sawyer award. Jonah had a great season and was first alternate to US National Championships. Jonah showed his fun spirit when he skied his mogul show run with about 20 bibs that he has collected over the years.
Coach Mikey Oconnor gave the Wade Parkinson award. This award goes to an athlete that has the ability to stay focused and positive despite set backs with injuries or results. Violet Fallon received this season’s Wade Parkinson award. Violet fell on ice in the parking lot the morning of the mogul show and hurt her figure pretty badly. She was still determined to make the best of the day and showed up to ski her run.
Coach Caleb Martin gave out the Hugh Sawyer award. This was cool because Caleb grew up skiing with the freestyle program when Hugh was the program director. Caleb was also the program director for over 10 years and is now coaching the US Team. The Hugh Sawyer award goes to an athlete that goes ” Bell to Bell’ and is known as the last chair award. Will Jansen is the recipient of this year’s  Hugh Sawyer award. Will has the best time management and focused discipline approach to training on the team.  Will shows up always organized with a check list of training goals and it paid off for Will who had a banner season.
I would also like to recognize and thank:
Paddy Kurtz, Paddy was a tremendous help this season with many of the operational aspects of the freestyle program. Paddy helped with course construction and maintenance, events coaching, travel and parent meetings. Thanks Paddy!
Jenna OBrien, Jenna was awesome this year coaching some of the new freestyle team members. Thanks Jenna!
Blake Kees, This was Blake’s first year coaching with the team and he was great. Blake grew up in Telluride and was once a member of the freestyle team so brought a lot of insight to the club. Thanks Blake!